Top Activity: Wildlife Watching

Steve Hildebrand, USFWS
If you’re looking to spend a relaxing afternoon in nature, you may want to give wildlife watching a try. It’s a great way to escape from city life and experience nature at its wildest.

When choosing a place to view wildlife, it’s hard to know the best places to go. We’ve compiled a list of top places that provide great opportunities to see wildlife. Whether you’re a bird watcher or looking for more elusive species, you may want to plan a visit to one of these places.

Otero Mesa

This gorgeous grassland in southern New Mexico houses a diverse array of birds, including Aplomado falcons, golden eagles and the unusual long-billed curlew.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The pristine Arctic Refuge is a haven for great snowy owls, bowhead whales and more than 45 species of mammals. Nothing compares to watching the 100,000-plus porcupine caribou herd spill across the landscape like a giant, living wave.


Wildlife lovers will delight in spotting the incredibly rare California condor at Pinnacles National Monument. The majestic condor is famous for its 10-foot wingspan.

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