Top Place: Greater Dinosaur Region

Vermillion Basin in Colorado
Sam Cox
The Greater Dinosaur Region in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming is cherished for its stunning landscapes. Known as a place where dinosaurs once roamed, this area still has abundant wildlife.

Experience the Greater Dinosaur Region

The Greater Dinosaur Region region in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah is sometimes called the sagebrush Yellowstone. Teeming with wildlife and divided by the Yampa and Green rivers, Greater Dinosaur is a paradise for backcountry hikers seeking wilderness adventure.

The ruggedness and colorful history attract visitors in search of the true American West. Outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid holed up in Greater Dinosaur.

What’s the one best thing about Greater Dinosaur?

The unusual wildlife.

In addition to antelope and large herds of mule and elk deer, Greater Dinosaur is where you can watch the curious mating dance of the greater sage-grouse bird.

Learn more about our work to protect greater sage-grouse habitat.

What’s one activity Greater Dinosaur is known for?

Backcountry camping.

While parks like Dinosaur National Monument offer family-friendly campgrounds, the true appeal of the area is its remote ruggedness.

For those who don’t have the time to spare on an overnight trip, whitewater rafting also is a draw.

The free-flowing Yampa River, with its Class III and IV rapids, takes a scenic passage through the canyons of Dinosaur National Monument.

Interested in wildlife watching? Get insider tips.

What’s one way The Wilderness Society is working to protect the Greater Dinosaur Region?

At Wilderness, we are working to ensure that oil and gas drilling is done sensibly in this sensitive region.

Ensuring that oil and gas drilling is done responsibly will help protect wildlife habitat and the “Wild West” character of the Greater Dinosaur Region. Visitors would continue to have a chance to:

  • See some of the West’s last sagebrush habitat
  • Witness wildlife like the renowned greater sage-grouse bird
  • Experience the real American West

These protections would help visitors enjoy this great wilderness even more.

Learn more about our work in the Greater Dinosaur Region.

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