Top Place: Greater Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon in Arizona
Jason Bach
The Grand Canyon is one of our most iconic national treasures and its splendor is world renowned. Its sandstone walls attract millions every year.

Experience The Greater Grand Canyon

Anchored by our most famous national park, the Greater Grand Canyon stretches from Grand Canyon National Park in northwest Arizona to the Utah border. It includes lesser-known gems like Vermilion Cliffs National Monument and the ancient ponderosa pines of the Kaibab National Forest.

What’s the one best thing about the Greater Grand Canyon?

The best thing about the Greater Grand Canyon area is its stunning geological formations, from massive colorful canyons to the undulating sandstone formations of the famous “Wave ” near the Utah-Arizona border.  

The canyons were created by the mighty Colorado River, which spans seven states and supplies drinking water to 25 million people in the southwest.

What’s one activity Greater Grand Canyon area is known for?

Backcountry hiking.

One of the last regions in the continental U.S. to be mapped, the Greater Grand Canyon offers hikers peace from the crowds. Its challenging high desert plateaus reward hiking explorers with awe-inspiring views.

For those who wish to see a different side of the Greater Grand Canyon without hiking, the Colorado River is a rafter’s dream.
Interested in a backcountry trek to the Greater Grand Canyon area? Get insider tips.

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What’s one way The Wilderness Society is working to protect the Greater Grand Canyon?

At Wilderness, we are working to ensure that the areas between current parks and monuments are permanently protected. Federal protections are critical to maintaining the unspoiled nature of this rapidly developing region, and to protecting the area’s wildlife.

Designating areas in the Greater Grand Canyon would:

  • Preserve hiking, hunting and fishing opportunities
  • Protect the Grand Canyon area from new roads
  • Prevent proposed uranium mining

Expanding the protected areas of the Greater Grand Canyon will preserve its unspoiled beauty for generations to come.

Learn more about our work in the Greater Grand Canyon.

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