Top Place: North San Diego County

Beauty Mountain
Doug Steakley
Beauty Mountain and Agua Tibia wildlands near north San Diego County are a recreation destination for hikers, horseback riders and other visitors.

Experience North San Diego County

California’s North San Diego County has a wild heritage. About an hour’s drive outside urban San Diego, the rugged area remains untouched by the rapid sprawl of the region. The wildlands here provide a welcome escape from hectic city life.

San Diego is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the United States. However, residents and visitors alike can retreat to the wilderness for solitude and recreation, thanks to this great region.

What’s the one best thing about North San Diego County?

It’s an urban oasis.

North San Diego County is home to some of the last remaining wildlands outside of urban San Diego.

The region is known for its scenic rock formations and scrubby chaparral shrub, found in wildlands like the Beauty Mountain and Agua Tibia wilderness areas.

What’s one activity North San Diego County is known for?

Horseback riding.

The deep canyons and sage scrub of the Cutca Trail make it popular among horseback riders. Hikers also flock to this area for a retreat from the fast pace of everyday life.

What’s one way The Wilderness Society is working to protect North San Diego County?

At Wilderness, we are working to pass protections for some of the unprotected wildlands and rivers in North San Diego County.

Protecting these wildlands would:

  • Add more than 21,000 acres of designated wilderness
  • Preserve habitat for wildlife
  • Protect scenic rivers

These protections would protect this special area for residents and visitors.

Learn more about our work in the North San Diego County Wild Heritage.

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