Top Place: Rocky Mountain Front

Rocky Mountain Front
Rick Graetz
This wild corner of Montana’s Crown of the Continent has a quality of life and land that’s all its own. We are making sure it stays that way.

Experience Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front

The Rocky Mountain front is a hiking and backpacking gateway where the prairie meets a wall of towering peaks.

The Front provides access for trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness and day hikes near the outfitter towns of Choteau and Augusta, Montana. 

What are some of the best things about the Rocky Mountain Front?

The Rocky Mountain Front draws wildlife watchers, who come to see elk, bighorn sheep and grizzly bears. The Front holds rare wildlife habitat, where grizzlies still roam out of the mountains and onto the prairie.

What’s one activity the Rocky Mountain Front is known for?

Wildlife watching.

Hiking and backpacking draw many up Canyon Road out of Choteau. Day hikers often stop at Ear Mountain Wildlife Management Area. Wildlife watchers also pack their spotting scopes into the Clary Coulee Trail and the Green Gulch Trail.

Hiking and backpacking along the Mortimer Gulch National Recreation Trail accesses wildlife habitat around the North and South Fork of Deep Creek.

Interested wildlife watching? Get insider tips.

What’s one way The Wilderness Society is working to protect the Rocky Mountain Front?

The Wilderness Society has helped local ranchers, hunters and businesses come together to work for the passage of the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act.

This act would protect the Rocky Mountain Front by:

  • Adding 67,000 acres of wilderness to the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex
  • Limiting road building on an additional 200,000 acres
  • Helping local ranchers battle noxious weeds

Learn more about our work on the Rocky Mountain Front.

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