Top Place: Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevadas in California
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The Sierra Nevada is California’s magnificent backbone. Its incomparable wild lands – home of Yosemite and Sequoia parks – still need protection, restoration and wise management.

Experience the Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is a breathtaking mountain range that spans 500 miles of California and touches Nevada. Visitors enjoy an incredible array of experiences from hiking near Lake Tahoe to exploring 14,000-foot Mount Whitney.

The glacier-carved valley of Yosemite National Park attracts nearly 4 million tourists each year.

What’s the one best thing about the Sierra Nevada?

Ancient forests.

The Sierra Nevada contains 4 million acres of old-growth forests, including the iconic giant conifers of Sequoia National Park.

The forests of the Sierra Nevada provide clean water for nearly 60% of California.

What’s one activity the Sierra Nevada is known for?

Hiking the mountains of the High Sierra.

The High Sierra has thousands of miles of well-maintained trails for hiking. Majestic peaks like Mt. Whitney — the tallest peak in the lower 48 states — rise thousands of feet. But, the relatively flat lands below also are great, accessible areas for hiking and backpacking.

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What’s one way The Wilderness Society is working to protect the Sierra Nevada?

At Wilderness, we want the U.S. Forest Service to develop a comprehensive management plan. This plan would manage Sierra Nevada forests in a way that withstands climate change and preserves its ancient forest areas.

Better forest management in the Sierra Nevada would:

  • Protect ancient forests from logging
  • Reduce the risk of forest fires
  • Preserve water quality
  • Reduce pollution from unnecessary roads

These protections would help visitors continue to enjoy the beauty of Sierra Nevada’s forests and national parks.

Learn more about our work in the Sierra Nevada.

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