Top Place: Wyoming Range

Wyoming Range
The Wyoming Range is an isolated range of peaks rising up from sloping foothills and vast sagebrush plains that runs for about eighty miles in a north-south direction.

Experience the Wyoming Range

In a state known for its wildlands, this is Wyoming’s namesake range. It’s home to the 11,363 ft. Wyoming Peak, where open slopes are dotted with sagebrush and pockets of aspen trees.

What are some of the best things about the Wyoming Range?

Wildlands in the Wyoming Range are protected by smart rules that protect them from oil and gas development. The 2009 Wyoming Range Legacy Act prevents future land leasing by the oil and gas industry.

These protections will help wildlife habitat in the Wyoming Range, including:

  • Some of the most important moose habitat in Wyoming
  • Migration routes that mule deer herds need to survive
  • Streams with four sub-species of Wyoming's native cutthroat trout

What’s one activity the Wyoming Range is known for?

Horseback riding.

Visitors can trot through wildlands found along the Wyoming Range National Recreation Trail.

Much of the trail sits at or near the crest above 9,000 ft. These wildlands offer good access to water and campsites with room for a string of pack animals.

Interested in horseback riding or backcountry journeys? Get insider tips.

What’s one way The Wilderness Society is working to protect the Wyoming Range?

The Wilderness Society supports a group of ranchers, hunters and other concerned Wyoming locals opposed to oil and gas industry expansion into the Upper Hoback Basin.

The oil and gas industry wants to drill 136 wells in the Upper Hoback. By stopping the project, local citizens will:

  • Protect vital wildlife habitat
  • Keep wildlands in the southern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem wild

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