Top Place: Yakima Basin

The Yakima Basin in Washington's North Cascades is a landscape that sustains fish, families and farms.

Experience Yakima Basin

From the alpine forests of the Cascade Mountains to the arid, sagebrush-studded Yakima Valley, the lands of the Yakima Basin are some of the most diverse in Washington state.

The basin also is home to the largest tributary of the Columbia River, the Yakima River.

What are some of the best things about the Yakima Basin?

Yakima Basin holds 320,000 acres of pristine wilderness and wild rivers and streams. These lands and waters are home to endangered species such as gray wolves, spotted owls, bull trout and steelhead.

What’s one activity the Yakima Basin is known for?

The Yakima River is Washington state’s only Blue Ribbon trout fishery. It also is well known for its outstanding fly fishing.

Interested in fishing and other wild adventures? Get insider tips.

What’s one way The Wilderness Society is working to protect the Yakima Basin?

The Wilderness Society is working in the Yakima Basin to address the needs of fish, families and farms in this area. We aim to protect the headwaters of the basin and restore critical fish and wildlife habitat.

Project Highlight: Yakima Conservation Campaign

We envision the Yakima Basin as a place where fish and wildlife, as well as farmers and families have access to cold, clean water. We’d like to see land protected for everyone to enjoy now and for future generations. To accomplish this, we are working to:

  • Protect more than 20,000 acres as designated wilderness and 140,000 acres as national recreation areas
  • Designate more than 200 miles of wild and scenic river corridors
  • Lead the process for voluntary land acquisition from private landowners of more than 70,000 acres

Learn more about our work in the Yakima Basin.

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