Victories in Alaska

Dall sheep ewe and lamb in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
The Wilderness Society’s work has already resulted in many victories for conservation in Alaska and the Arctic.

From defending the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling to promoting solutions to old-growth logging issues, we are a leader in efforts to protect Alaska’s wild landscapes.

Protecting the Arctic Refuge

For more than two decades, we have successfully fought off the oil industry's attempts to drill within the boundaries of the nation’s wildest and largest wildlife refuge. Since the Reagan administration, the oil industry and its friends in Congress have attempted to open the Arctic Refuge to drilling, but we have not allowed them one inch of ground. Today the refuge remains pristine and free of industrial development. 

Saving old-growth forests

Research by our staff economists has been critical to efforts to transition the Tongass National Forest from a management regime based on clearcutting and old-growth timber harvests to a sustainable strategy of restoration, second-growth harvest and production of salmon for commercial fishing.

Special areas in the Western Arctic Reserve

The Wilderness Society’s scientific research and advocacy work is helping identify and protect special areas of sensitive habitat in the Western Arctic’s National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. Our work will help ensure that future oil and gas development is done responsibly.

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