Victories in California

San Gabriel Mountain wilderness
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The Wilderness Society has helped preserve more than one million acres of new wilderness in California since 2001.

We have won victories that defend our forests and deserts from development and keep wild lands healthy through roads management.

Wilderness protection

The Wilderness Society has worked with partners to permanently protect more than one million acres of wilderness since 2001.

In 2009, our leadership helped preserve 750,000 acres of new wilderness in the Sierra Nevada and Southern California.

Guarding the future of California wild lands

From our southern Mojave desert to our northern forests, we are defending the future of our California wild lands. We are also making sure these lands are managed wisely.

In 2009, our organization and its partners won a court victory for four Southern California national forests. The Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres and San Bernardino Forests are going to be restudied for more protection.

Our road program keeps our wild lands healthy

More than 9,000 miles of unauthorized roads have been created by off-road drivers in our California national forests. Unfortunately, many of these dirt routes and trails leave behind entrenched meadows, murky creeks and eroded areas

Our efforts with the US Forest Service led to important changes in 2009 that improve the health of a dozen state forests. By ending off-road vehicle use on millions of forest acres and closing many roads during periods of wet weather, wild lands will be less disturbed.

A desert road victory

Our coalition’s work in the western Mojave desert won an important 2009 court decision regarding roads. The Bureau of Land Management was found to have violated its own regulations when it added 5,000 miles of off-road vehicle routes in 2006. It was also found at fault for ignoring hundreds of these illegal routes that have been created in the last three decades.

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