Victories in Greater Yellowstone

Electric Peak in Gallatin Range, Yellowstone
Flikr creative commons: abhisawa
Because of our work, the most special places in the Greater Yellowstone won’t be sacrificed by the oil and gas industry or destroyed by motorized recreation.

In just a short time, we have built local capacity to respond to expanding energy development in Wyoming and initiated a thoughtful approach that will protect wild places in the Gallatin Range.  

Wyoming Range Legacy Act

We led a campaign to protect the Wyoming Range from rapidly expanding natural gas leasing and development. We were instrumental in passing the Wyoming Range Legacy Act of 2009, which withdrew 1.2 million acres of sensitive national forest lands from oil and gas leasing forever.

Wilderness character near Yellowstone

For thirty years there was no clear direction on whether a special area of the Gallatin Range would be sacrificed as a motorized playground. We fixed that. Our court ruling provided certainty that ‘wilderness character’ was top dog here. That certainty has started a new collaborative discussion to create permanent protections for the Gallatin Range.

Leasing withdrawal

The high-desert prairie of northwestern Wyoming is where world-class wildlife values overlaps with world-class minerals. We helped produce a balanced plan that determined where it was and wasn’t appropriate to drill on over a million acres of land. The plan withdrew half of the proposed lands from future energy development and ensured 20 percent of the lands had tough restrictions that will prevent energy companies from sacrificing local wildlife. 

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