Victories in Idaho

Bighorn sheep in Idaho
Flikr creative commons: thunderpete
Our work in Idaho has helped save more of the state’s wildlands and some of its special inhabitants, such as Idaho’s wild sheep.

While our work in Idaho is not finished, we've successfully protected some of the largest wildlands in the region and their inhabitants, including:

Owyhee Canyonlands

After eight years of working with local citizens and politicians toward wilderness protection, we helped ensure Congress permanently protect Idaho’s Owyhee Canyonlands in 2009. Today, 517,000 acres of wilderness and 316 miles of wild and scenic rivers are protected in the Owyhees.

Clearwater Basin

We led a broad coalition that was chosen by a federal program for forest and watershed restoration. This program will restore streams and fight noxious weeds across 1.4 million acres of the Clearwater Basin in the next decade. 

Payette National Forest

We helped shape a project which will close 70 miles of old logging roads in Idaho’s Payette National Forest. This project will help reduce wildlife habitat fragmentation and restore bull trout habitat.

Hells Canyon and Salmon River Canyon

We assisted with the removal of disease-carrying domestic sheep from bighorn habitat in Hells Canyon and Salmon River Canyon. Before that, Idaho’s bighorn populations had been devastated by diseases passed on by the domestic sheep. For the first time in more than 100 years, bighorn can finally roam the canyons free from threats carried by domestic sheep.

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