Watershed Restoration

Cooks Creek, Pennsylvania
Cooks Creek Watershed Association
Drinking water for 3,400 communities and 66 million Americans comes from watersheds in our national forests. Only half of these watersheds function properly, making restoration critical.

We depend on watersheds for clean water, thriving fisheries and robust ecosystems. Watersheds are the lifeblood of our communities, but they are threatened by climate change, development and a history of mistreatment and neglect. Logging, road-building and fire suppression has damaged our watersheds. Protecting and restoring healthy watersheds is a priority for The Wilderness Society.

Watershed Condition Framework

The Watershed Condition Framework initiative launched by the U.S. Forest Service aims to restore whole watersheds. It offers the public a unique opportunity to learn about the condition of their surrounding watersheds and engage with the Forest Service on local projects to protect and restore those watersheds.

Healthy Headwaters Initiative

The Healthy Headwaters Initiative is a diverse coalition of water utilities, elected officials, scientists, conservationists and other professionals working to promote clean headwaters for communities across the American West.

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