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Mount Chocorua
From tall peaks to deep forests, the Northern Forest has a rich diversity of places to visit, all within a day’s drive for those who live on the East Coast.

One of the best things about the Northern Forest is that the best places are easy to get to. Whether it’s mountain peaks, forest drives or picnics by a waterfall, some of the greatest adventures are close to home. 

Nulhegan Basin

The Nulhegan Basin is part of the Silvio O. Conte Nation Wildlife Refuge Complex, a chain of refuges that stretches from the Canadian border to coastal Connecticut. The Nulhegan Basin is a gorgeous landscape of mountain peaks mixing with ponds and peat bogs in the valleys. Wildlife watchers should check it out – it’s a hotspot for seeing black bears!

Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge

Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge on the border of Maine and New Hampshire is a haven to wildlife and people. The entire Umbagog area is bursting with busy communities of migrating birds, river otters and a dense moose population. Filled by expansive lake territory, sprawling wetlands, forested uplands and unique floating bog land, Umbagog is a popular spot to canoe and kayak.

Western Maine – High Peaks

The largest contiguous mountain area in the state, The High Peaks Region offers unspoiled natural beauty found few places in the eastern U.S. With 10 of the 14 tallest peaks in Maine, the High Peaks of Western Maine are a hiker’s haven.  The High Peaks are also a great wildlife destination, with plenty of moose, bobcat and lynx for sharp-eyed visitors.

The Mahoosucs

A great place with a funny name, the Mahoosucs are an adventurer’s wonderland. Thousands of visitors come to the Mahoosucs every year to enjoy:

  • Hundreds of miles of trails
  • Numerous fishing spots
  • Abundant camping spots

From tall peaks to stream valleys, the Mahoosucs have something for everyone.

White Mountain National Forest

The most rugged mountains of New England, the White Mountains span more than 800,000 acres of Maine and New Hampshire. Visitors from across the Northeast come to share in its wealth of recreational opportunities. These opportunities are nearly endless. Summer activities include hiking, camping, fishing and rock climbing. Or come back in the winter for snowshoeing, skiing and ice climbing.

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