Why the Crown of the Continent

Montana’s Crown of the Continent contains some of the last large blocks of truly wild country in the continental United States.

What's at stake

The Crown is one of only two fully intact ecosystems remaining in the lower 48 states where grizzlies, elk, moose and wolves still thrive. It represents one of the best opportunities in the nation to keep big blocks of wild country connected and healthy.

With the densest and largest grizzly bear populations, it is the last place in America where grizzlies still venture down from the Rocky Mountains and onto the prairies.

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What we're doing

Our work in the Crown is focused on protecting the most deserving wild places for the future while restoring forests that have been degraded and are susceptible to climate change.

How we're doing it

We partner with ranchers, outfitters, loggers, sportsmen, scientists and outdoor enthusiasts to build lasting solutions for clean water, healthy wildlife and a better quality of life.


The Wilderness Society has been leading efforts to protect the Crown’s wildlands for more than a decade. Together with public and private partners, we have achieved significant conservation victories.

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