Why the Dolores River Basin

Dolores River Basin
Stretching from western Colorado all the way down across the New Mexico border, the Dolores River Basin is bursting with places worth protecting.

The Dolores River Basin is one of the wildest places in the Rocky Mountains. It’s home to many species of wildlife like wild elk, mountain lions, and bighorn sheep  It’s also at risk from energy development if the wildlands aren’t managed properly.

The Dolores River Basin is bursting with places worth protecting.


The Dolores River Basin and San Juan Mountains are home to abundant wildlife. Backcountry hunters prize the area for elk, and hikers and backpackers can often find bighorn sheep and other critters out on the trail

Wild Places

The Dolores River Basin includes wild places that are some of the best in the Rocky Mountains. Some of the places we work to protect include:

  • San Juan Mountains
  • McKenna Peak
  • Naturita Canyon


Energy development threatens the wildlife and wild places of the Dolores River Basin. We’re working to keep oil and gas development out of the wildest places. We are also working to keep other areas safe from uranium mining.

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