Why the Greater Dinosaur Region

Vermillion Canyon
Sam Cox
There are excellent opportunities for conservation in the Greater Dinosaur Region because of its large size and still undeveloped nature.

The Wilderness Society looks at the entire area and works to protect the most sensitive areas from energy development. 

There are remarkable wild lands, some of which are already protected, like Dinosaur National Monument and Brown's Park National Wildlife Refuge. Other areas rich in wildlife are still at-risk, including:

  • The multicolored badlands of Colorado’s Vermillion Basin.
  • The red desert cliffs of Wyoming’s Adobe Town.
  • The many proposed wilderness lands surrounding Dinosaur National Monument.

View a map of the region below:

View larger map

The Greater Dinosaur Region also has the largest populations of greater sage-grouse and some of the best habitat for this iconic bird in Colorado. There are also prized herds of big game.

The region is defined by three rivers: the Yampa and the White, which flow into the Green River. Some of the state’s most sought-after recreational opportunities include rafting on the Yampa and Green Rivers, as well as hiking in Dinosaur National Monument.

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