Why the Mahoosucs

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A spectacular spot along the Appalachian Trail, the Mahoosucs are nestled between the woods of Maine and the White Mountain National Forest.

Rapid development of the Mahoosucs is threatening the wilderness that exists here. We’re working to conserve the wild areas remaining in the Mahoosucs.

Conserving the wild areas of the Mahoosucs helps the people, the communities and the wildlife of the area.

With excellent backpacking, hiking on the Appalachian Trail and dozens of trails and waterfalls to explore, the Mahoosucs region is an outdoor hotspot. Situated near Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and the White Mountain National Forest, the Mahoosucs are part of a string of Northern Forest gems.  

Smart development is critical for the wildness of the area. The Wilderness Society is working to build a sustainable network of protected lands. These lands should be connected by well-managed forests. This will support the local economy and help conserve the land for future generations.

In order to achieve this goal, The Wilderness Society joined the Mahoosuc Initiative in 2005. Made up of local, regional and national partners, the Mahoosuc Initiative works to:

  • Identify the region’s most valuable assets
  • Track trends that are changing the region’s land and communities
  • Provide ideas for solving future challenges and support to make those ideas a reality

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