Why Methow Valley

The Methow Valley in the North Cascades has a strong legacy of conservation, but this breathtaking landscape is still in need of protection and restoration.

Methow Valley is known for its incredible year-round recreation and is beloved by nearly all who live or pass through this incredible wildland. At Wilderness, we want to make sure this treasured wildland is protected and able to meet the needs of the land and surrounding community.

Methow Valley serves as the eastern gateway to North Cascades National Park and provides access to more than 680,000 acres of wilderness in the Pasayten and Lake Chelan-Sawtooth areas. The broad hay-swept valley is flanked by impressive peaks that offer countless recreation opportunities year-round.

Methow Valley also is located in one of the most heavily roaded watersheds in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, which The Wilderness Society is working to restore to a healthy state.


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