Why the Northern Forest

trees in Maine
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Stretching from New York to Maine, the 26 million-acre Northern Forest is home to abundant wildlife and some of the best recreation in the east.

What's at stake

The Northern Forest wildland contains some of the last intact hardwood forests in the east. These woods are within a day’s drive for millions of Americans and are home to world class hiking, camping, fishing and other outdoor recreation.

Maintaining healthy forests is a vital part of life throughout the northeast. From maple syrup to fishing guides, much of the economy in the region depends on healthy forests and wildlands. 

Threats to the forests include:

  • Climate change
  • Unfettered development
  • Unsustainable logging
  • Forest fragmentation

What we're doing

Our work in the Northern Forest includes restoring connected landscapes, building support for conservation and helping to increase protected wild areas. We also work with numerous organizations and government officials to build political and public awareness of the Northern Forest.

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