Why Nulhegan Basin

Nulhegan Basin Division, Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service- Northeast Region- Flickr
The Nulhegan Basin is one of the wildest parts of the Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge in Vermont.

This region of mountain peaks and bog filled valleys provides refuge for wildlife like songbirds, black bears, beavers and moose. It is also known for excellent fishing.

Unfortunately, without proper management, this national wildlife refuge is at risk for degradation.

Why the Nulhegan Basin?

Because of its location, it is one of the wildest National Wildlife Refuges in the northeast. But this National Wildlife Refuge is threatened by unrestricted off-road vehicle use and needs to be properly managed.

Proper refuge management

Keeping a refuge as a haven for plants and animals requires on-the-ground work. We work to make sure that the Nulhegan Basin has the proper tools and expertise to:

  • Restore habitats
  • Repair storm damage
  • Maintain trails and wildlife habitat

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