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Betty White didn't hesitate when we asked her which wild animal she'd most like to be. "A moose!" she replied. We can't all be as sure as Betty about our spirit animal, so take the quiz to discover your inner critter.

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Personality Types

  • Otter: Big thinker with a vivid imagination and intelligence. You dream up outdoor adventures for you and your friends, who see you as unconventional, although your methods are usually quite effective.
  • Bear: You like giving gifts, but your generosity is tempered by your modest and practical side.  If you ever got lost in the woods with friends, you would stand out as the level-headed one, delivering a voice of reason when needed.
  • Beaver: You know what you want and you let others know it. A day at the beach or a hike in the hills? You don’t waffle, and sometimes come across to others as insisting "my way or the highway," but really it’s just your assertiveness coming through loud and clear.
  • Wolf: Nature’s beauty, be it a misty waterfall or a full moon, strike an emotional chord in your soul. You are a wholly passionate and fiercely independent person others find smart and generous.
  • Salmon: Possessed with an electric personality and dedication to the mission at hand, you like returning to those wild places that first inspired you to cherish the outdoors. And these outdoor experiences fire your creative side.
  • Moose: With great longevity and a twinkle in your eye, you like to daydream about stunning alpine landscapes. You are great at entertaining groups and making others laugh.

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