Clearwater Basin: Work We Are Doing

Kelly Creek
John McCarthy
We work to restore the forests and streams of Idaho's Clearwater Basin and to protect critical fish and wildlife habitat.

Idaho's Clearwater Basin encompasses a million acres of forests, rivers and mountains, providing habitat for wildlife such as wolves and cougars.

Our work in the Clearwater Basin is focused on:

  • Permanently protecting and connecting pristine areas
  • Fostering a landscape that supports robust wildlife populations
  • Restoring natural processes to the ecosystem, and
  • Helping create new jobs in local communities

New conservation funding

The Clearwater Basin Collaborative received federal funding to implement habitat restoration projects that:

  • Restore fish passage for threatened species
  • Reduce wildfire risk near rural communities
  • Enhance the area's wildlife habitat

Improving fish passage

We work to remove culverts in streams so that native fish can freely move and migrate.

Restorative fire

The ability of the Clearwater habitat to restore itself depends on natural processes, like fire. We work to understand and support these natural processes.

Preparing for climate change

We develop recommendations for managers of Clearwater Basin wildlands to help them prepare for the impact climate change will have on the plants and animals.

Creating new forest jobs

Restoring forests relies on local expertise. We work to create economic opportunities for rural communities through the creation of new forest jobs.

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