Eastern Tennessee: Work We Are Doing

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Our work in Tennessee focuses on preserving the Cherokee National Forest.

The popular Cherokee National Forest is at risk from the triple threat of logging, urban development and climate change. Only permanent protections will ensure its safety for future generations to enjoy.

To help protect the Cherokee National Forest, we’re working to gain permanent wilderness protections for the wildest parts of the forest.

To reach our goal, we work with local conservation groups and congressional wilderness friends who are championing our cause in Congress. An important result of this work is the Tennessee Wilderness Act.

Passing the Tennessee Wilderness Act

Once passed, this bill would protect an additional 20,000 acres of the Cherokee National Forest as designated wilderness.  We are working with the Tennessee Wild coalition to build support for this bill in the halls of Congress.

Protecting the forest from logging

Logging poses a serious threat to Cherokee National Forest. We’re working with the Forest Service to ensure logging isn’t done in sensitive wild areas. That includes places with excellent outdoor recreation opportunities or important wildlife habitat. Our experts on the ground help guide Forest Service decision making in this area.

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