Gallatin Range: Work We Are Doing

Gallatin Range
The real value of the Gallatin Range goes beyond its designated wilderness study area. The Wilderness Society has a long-standing commitment to protect the Gallatin Range.

We are working to shape its future, ensuring clean water, abundant wildlife and excellent recreation. A long-term community vision for the Gallatin Range will permanently protect its wild core while improving recreational opportunities in the forest that surrounds it.

Keeping the wild lands wild

For many years, we worked with the forest service and through the legal courts to develop an interim plan that allowed motorized recreation in some areas. The plan maintained the wild character of the 155,000-acre Hyalite-Porcupine-Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Area (WSA). Now we’re working to come up with a permanent plan to keep the Gallatin Range wild.

Documenting wildlife values

We have commissioned two wildlife studies to help us find out how wildlife use the Range. We organized the Gallatin Range Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project, which puts volunteers in the wilderness study area to document wildlife and recreation use.

Bringing people together

In order to permanently protect the wildest places in the Gallatin Range, we need the support of a diverse group of people who enjoy the range for different reasons. A shared vision for the Gallatin Range will include new wilderness protection while also allowing for new recreational and associated economic development opportunities.

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