Greater Dinosaur Region: Work We Are Doing

Vermillion Basin
Sam Cox
The Wilderness Society does varied work in the Greater Dinosaur Region, an area that remains very wild.

We work with federal agencies and local communities to protect special places and develop energy resources responsibly.

Permanent protections

Our long-term goal is to secure permanent protections for the wildest places in the Greater Dinosaur region of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. These lands include:

  • The breathtaking Vermillion Basin, Cold Springs Mountain and Diamond Breaks areas in Colorado.
  • The geologic masterpiece of Adobe Town in Wyoming.
  • Colorado and Utah wilderness lands surrounding Dinosaur National Monument.

Conservation on federal lands

We’re working to encourage the federal Bureau of Land Management to adopt management plans that better conserve wildlife populations and protect proposed wilderness lands.

Preserving the rivers

The Yampa, White and Green Rivers of the Greater Dinosaur Region are home to endangered species and world-class rafting. We’re pushing for protections for the wildest parts of the Yampa River. We’re also working to make sure that there is enough water in the rivers for the fish and wildlife.

Defending sage grouse

We are working with the Bureau of Land Management to improve their management of energy development on wildlands to protect crucial habitat areas. By clustering oil and gas drilling over time, we can minimize habitat fragmentation for the sage grouse. We are also exploring ways to retire or swap out oil and gas leases in high and medium priority greater sage-grouse habitat. This would ensure that the traditional mating and nesting grounds of these iconic western birds are conserved.

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