Highway 2: Work We Are Doing

Blanca Lake
Sean Munson -Flickr
At Wilderness, we're working along the Highway Two corridor in Washington's North Cascades to ensure that its wild lands are protected and enjoyed.

Our work along the Highway Two corridor aims to meet the recreational needs of the region and demonstrate the benefit of wilderness to local communities. We are committed to protecting and restoring key watersheds to benefit people and wildlife.

The Wilderness Society is working in the Highway Two corridor to:

  • Improve access to public lands and wilderness areas along the corridor, with particular focus in the Wild Sky Wilderness
  • Increase community involvement in the development and implementation of the Wild Sky Wilderness Trail Plan
  • Create a reliable, safe and affordable road network in the Skykomish and Wenatchee basins to ensure recreational access and ecological health

Wild Sky Wilderness Trails Plan

We are working with partners to enhance public involvement and input in the development of the Wild Sky Wilderness Trail Plan. We are also galvanizng the conservation and recreation communities in implementation of the plan. A draft plan will be released in spring 2012, and The Wilderness Society and its partners will provide recommendations and strategize plan implementation.

Whole Watershed Restoration in Nason Creek

The Wilderness Society is exploring the opportunity to work with Chelan County Natural Resources Department and the Forest Service to improve the health and ecological function of the Nason Creek watershed. This watershed provides critical habitat for spring Chinook salmon, steelhead and bull trout. Chelan County and several salmon recovery partners have worked to restore floodplain function and critical salmon habitat for years, spending millions on restoration projects. Over the next year, the county will turn its focus to the upper watershed, evaluating the roads system to develop a whole-watershed approach to restoration.

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