Methow Valley: Work We Are Doing

At Wilderness, we are working in Methow Valley in Washington's North Cascades landscape to restore watershed health and create a safe, reliable road network.

We are working with local communities, the U.S. Forest Service and nonprofit groups to protect and restore the Methow Valley. With guidance from people who live and recreate in this region, we are ensuring that its lands and waters remain spectacular.

The Wilderness Society is working in the Methow Valley to:

  • Protect the ecological integrity of wild lands and waters.
  • Enhance sustainable recreational opportunities in our wild lands.
  • Develop long-lasting partnerships with land managers to better facilitate protection.

Chewuch Watershed

We are working with the Methow Valley Ranger District to engage the community in planning for a future roads system in the Chewuch watershed, the most heavily-roaded watershed in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Not only is the Chewuch a gateway to the North Cascades Pasayten Wilderness, it is also a favorite recreational getaway for locals and provides critical water for agriculture, fish and residents of the Methow Valley.

Working with the Forest Service, Yakama Nation, Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board as well as community and business leaders, The Wilderness Society will:

  • Help create a safe road network
    The Forest Service will develop a plan to establish a road network that is safer for the public to use, is more affordable to maintain and operate, and restores the ecological integrity of critical fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Protect recreational access
    We will work to ensure recreational access to priority trails and roads is maintained for a diversity of recreational uses.
  • Create a diverse network of partners
    We will work to engage the public in the roads planning process and build support to facilitate implementation of the plan. We have engaged more than 150 individuals in the planning process to date.

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