Northwestern Crown: Work We Are Doing

Northwestern Crown
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Best known as home to Glacier National Park, Montana's Northwestern Crown has many wildlands still in need of protection.

Much of the northwestern section of Montana's Crown of the Continent relies on tourism and outdoor recreation for economic support. Although Glacier National Park is well-loved, many adjacent wildlands and river still have mineral leases that been overlooked for decades. Many of these wildlands also have great potential as future designated wilderness areas.

North Fork of the Flathead River

At Wilderness, much of our work in the Northwestern Crown focuses on helping lawmakers pass the North Fork Flathead Watershed Protection Act. The bill would prevent any future mining or oil and gas development just outside of Glacier National Park, protecting the pristine waters of the Flathead River from mining impacts.

Whitefish Range

Roadless laws provide temporary protection to much of the Whitefish Range, but more permanent measures are important. We are beginning to take a hard look at how to protect the wildest parts of the Whitefish Range, including the Ten Lakes Wilderness Study Area.

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