Petaca Pinta: Work We Are Doing

Petaca Pinta.
Credit: Nathan Newcomer.
Petaca Pinta is a stunning New Mexico wildland with juniper-studded mesas and red rock canyons.

Petaca Pinta is a beautiful slice of red-rock country that features prairie grasses waving through the remnants of ancient civilization. A short day hike or backpacking trip into the area quickly reveals a wild landscape free from most human developments.

At Wilderness, we’re working with the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and local partners to make sure Petaca Pinta remains the unspoiled wilderness that it is today.

Working with local partners on the ground, we are seeking an improved BLM resource management plan for Petaca Pinta wilderness area that protects it for generations to come. We also are working to reduce the risks of over-use by off-road vehicles and oil and gas development.

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