Rocky Mountain Front: Work We Are Doing

Rocky Mountain winter
Tony Bynum
Montana's Rocky Mountain Front is one of the last great wildlands in the United States and an important piece of our natural heritage.

The area is abundant in wildlife and opportunities for recreation in a natural setting virtually unspoiled by human development. Yet, parts of the Rocky Mountain Front are unprotected, which leaves it with an uncertain future.

At Wilderness, we know the Rocky Mountain Front is a special place. It's not just wild. It's a remnant of the great wildlands that once stretched from coast-to-coast — a window into our natural heritage.

We're working to ensure that it remains as wild as possible for many generations to come.

Preventing drilling

In 2006, we helped pass legislation preventing new federal oil and gas leasing in the Rocky Mountain Front. Today we work to retire the last remaining leases so they will never again threaten the area's wildlife and outdoor heritage.

Protecting recreation

We worked with the U.S. Forest Service to ensure that the Rocky Mountain Front remains open for local residents and visitors to enjoy. This ensures access for hiking, backpacking, stock use and bicycling for generations to come.

Passing the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act

We are working to pass federal legislation called the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act. This legislation will give permanent protection to the remaining wildlands in the Rocky Mountain Front.

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