Shoshone Forest: Work We Are Doing

Beartooth Pass, Shoshone National Forest
a.christensen, Flickr
The Shoshone is unique in the quantity and quality of wilderness and roadless areas. We’re defending these wild lands against reckless development and road building.

The Wilderness Society is working in the Shoshone National Forest to:

  • Recommend areas for wilderness protection.
  • Protect roadless areas against poorly regulated oil and gas development.
  • Prevent new road building by motorized recreation.

Our strategy in the Shoshone National Forest has three targets:

  1. The forest plan
    The Forest Service is currently revising the Shoshone’s forest plan. This plan will spell out how the forest can be used for the next 20 years. Oil and gas developers and motorized recreationists want more roads and less wilderness. We are working with the Forest Service to protect the Shoshone from these threats. 
  2. Ensuring a promise is kept
    An agreement between Wyoming’s governor and the Forest Service protects pristine areas in the forest from oil and gas leasing. We are working to make sure this understanding is renewed.
  3. Wilderness designation
    The Forest Service recognized several areas within the Shoshone as having “the highest quality wilderness characteristics” in a 2008 study. We are making sure these opportunities for future protections are not eroded. 


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