Sierra Nevada: Work We Are Doing

Sierra Nevadas, California
In the Sierra Nevada, The Wilderness Society is focused on protecting wild lands and improving forest restoration and management plans.

The Sierra Nevada is challenged by development, mining, illegal roads and weak future management. These pressures could harm its scenic and recreation benefits.

Wilderness designation

Key wild lands in the Sierra Nevada can be protected for wildlife habitat, recreation, water supplies, reducing climate change threats and boosting local tourism dollars.

Planning and restoration

New management plans all national forests are underway and our initial Sierra work focuses on three of the nation’s ‘early adopter’ forests: the Sierra, Inyo and Sequoia national forests.

Our California office is also helping with restoring 154,000 acres of the Dinkey area of the Sierra National Forest. This collaborative project will restore a watershed and boost the economy of local communities.

Improving forests

We are improving the ecological health of Sierra forests with our roads program. The Sierra's habitat, water supplies and recreation are being preserved by laws for off-road vehicles.

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