Southeastern Utah: Work We Are Doing

Sunset Arches Park
There are many wild places in Southeastern Utah that need protection from development and oil and gas drilling.

The Wilderness Society is working to put permanent protections on some of these lands. We’re also working to make sure that oil and gas drilling in the area happens in the right places.

San Rafael Swell

Much of our work in Southeastern Utah is focused on the San Rafael Swell. The San Rafael Swell is an area that covers a broad swath of Southeastern Utah. It’s famous for its ancient rock formations, cliffs, towers, mesas, buttes and canyons. The Swell is also a popular destination for hikers and paddlers.

San Juan County

The Wilderness Society is working to protect San Juan County’s magnificent cultural and geologic sites. San Juan County is home to Canyonlands National Park, and we’re working to make sure that other special places in the area are also protected.

Land management

Oil and gas drilling has been a part of Southeastern Utah for a long time. We’re working with the Bureau of Land Management to make sure that future drilling happens in less sensitive areas. We’re also working to keep drilling away from precious areas like Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. 

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