Southwestern Crown: Work We Are Doing

Blackfoot River
Rick Graetz
The Southwestern Crown of the Continent is a rugged wildland with forests in need of restoration and protection.

In the Southwestern Crown of the Content, wild forests contribute to cleaning drink water and providing habitat for wildlife. Without healthy forests, both of these are at risk.

We work in the Southwestern crown to restore forests and natural process that occur within them. We also work to permanently protect forests so they can continue to thrive for generations to come.

Clean, cold water

Part of our forest restoration work includes removing old, crumbling roads so that they don't lead to water pollution. Water is the most valuable forest commodity and crumbling roads can contaminate water, harming wildlife and clean water sources. At Wilderness, we work to remove crumbling roads so forest water sources remain clean, cold and connected, with thriving fish populations.

Improving the Bob Marshall Wilderness

The Bob Marshall Wilderness is one of the most iconic wildlands in this region. At Wilderness, we identify areas in need of protection and work to fold them into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. One of these areas is Monture Creek, a gateway to the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Fire-safe communities

Wildfire safety is a top concern in the Southwestern Crown. At Wilderness, our work protects communities and private property by fire-proofing high risk areas adjacent to private property. Further away from these communities, we ensure more wild processes are in control.

Productive wildlife habitat

Grizzly bears, lynx and elk depend on wilderness to survive. Restoring wilderness so that it can provide wildlife habitat is an important part of our work in the Southwestern Crown. Our work focuses on creating more habitat and fighting noxious weeds that invade that habitat.

New forest jobs

Forest restoration relies on local expertise. It also creates new, local job opportunities that foster economic growth and revitalize rural communities. At Wilderness, we work to support local forest work to promote both forest restoration and a stronger local economy.

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