Tongass National Forest: Work We Are Doing

Hiker on Tongass National Forest, Alaska
Kip Tyler USFS
In Alaska's southeast panhandle, we are working to restore a majestic rainforest that's been exploited for many years.
The Tongass National Forest is the largest remaining temperate rainforest in the world. After decades of large-scale logging, many of the Tongass' massive trees are gone forever.
The past has been unkind to the Tongass, but we believe there is a brighter future ahead.

The Wilderness Society is a leader in transitioning the Tongass National Forest into a more sustainable future.

We work to find sustainable ways to protect Alaska’s rainforest and promote economic activity in southeast Alaska by:

  • Managing the forest to support and protect resources beyond timber, including commercial fishing, tourism and recreation
  • Restoring high value watersheds previously impacted by logging
  • Shifting timber production away from old-growth logging, while establishing a small scale second-growth timber program that is more appropriately scaled to meet demand from local mills

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