White Mountain National Forest: Work We Are Doing

Kancamagus highway
Our work strives to protect some of the wildest parts of New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest from logging and building.

People from all over the region and the country flock to the White Mountains for unparalleled camping and hiking. But those activities are threatened by logging and poor land-use policies.

Work we’re doing

By promoting good forest stewardship in White Mountain National Forest, The Wilderness Society helps protect nearly 400,000 acres of roadless areas. Our work in the White Mountain National Forest focuses on:

  • Roadless forests
  • Smart energy planning

Roadless forests

The White Mountain National Forest has thousands of acres of forest protected by the “Roadless Rule.” Learn more about this conservation tool, and how it is protecting forests across the country: Roadless rule becomes law of the land

Smart energy planning

Moving away from fossil fuel energy like coal and natural gas is a good thing. Smart planning for renewable energy as well as the transmission lines to get it to people who use it helps protect wild places like the White Mountain National Forest.

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