Worst Congress for Wilderness Ever?

The 112th Congress has been called the Do-Nothing Congress, since they did do nothing.

Worst Congress for Wilderness

In 1964, the 88th Congress set aside more than 100 million acres of pristine wild lands as wilderness…

Since then, just about every single Congress has added precious new places to the map…

In 2012, Congress did nothing.

Good bills languished…

More than 25 wilderness bills languished in the House of Representatives. Together, these bills would have saved tens of thousands of acres of trackless forests… ice-studded snow peaks…sparkling streams… and multi-hued deserts.

Take action! Tell Congress to stop stalling on wilderness protections

While bad bills advance.

Meanwhile, a spate of anti-wilderness bills continue to march forward.

  • One measure would turn millions of acres of unspoiled lands over to frackers, drillers, and commercial developers.

  • Another would open wilderness up to the destruction of off-road vehicles.

  • Still another would open lands surrounding the Grand Canyon – one of the crown jewels of American wilderness – to toxic uranium mining.

Our wild places are the greatest legacy we leave our children. 

Act now – ask Congress to pass wilderness bills today!

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