Youth Recreation Partnerships

Family with a park ranger
Damon Parrish, REI
Every child deserves the chance to experience the rush of the great outdoors. Yet these days, many kids do not get that opportunity.

The Wilderness Society is part of several partnerships that focus on helping kids, especially those in urban areas, get out to nature.

Youth Recreation in Forests

The Wilderness Society is working with the YMCA and Summer Search to build a coalition of organizations that provide outdoor experiences to youth and other people who have little access to wilderness. We will work with the U.S. Forest Service to expand opportunities for these groups to help kids enjoy our national forests.

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Outdoor Alliance for Kids (OAK)

The Wilderness Society is part of the Outdoor Alliance for Kids (OAK), a national partnership of a wide range of organizations. Our shared goal is to increase quality opportunities for children, youth and families to connect with the outdoors. Our role includes:

  • Serving on OAK’s outreach and policy action teams
  • Engaging Congress and federal agencies on youth-related public policy initiatives.

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