Christopher J. Elliman

Christopher J. Elliman has served on The Wilderness Society governing council since 1989.

Christopher J. Elliman, or Kim, serves as CEO of the Open Space Institute, a land conservation organization that has protected and/or financed close to 2 million acres and created more than 50 new parks or protected areas in the eastern United States.

Kim also has worked in the finance sector as CEO of Overhills Group, partner of Elmrock Partners, and president of Gray, Seifert, & Co. Inc., an investment company.

Kim has served on numerous corporate boards, including as chairman of Piggly Wiggly Southern. Kim chairs the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and Overhills Foundation, has chaired The Wilderness Society and the Adirondack Council and has served as vice-chairman of the Environmental Defense Fund. He has served on numerous non-profit and philanthropic boards, principally in conservation and cultural institutions.

Kim received his BA from Yale and now serves on Yale University’s Forestry and Environmental Leadership Council.