Kristie Malley

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Senior Director, Legacy Giving



With more than 14 years’ experience connecting donors to meaningful opportunities to realize their philanthropic goals and build their legacies, Kristie joined The Wilderness Society in the summer of 2013 as the Director of Advocates for Wilderness.  In January 2015, Kristie moved into the role of Senior Director, Legacy Giving, where she manages the legacy giving program for The Wilderness Society.

When Kristie’s not in the office or spending time with donors, you can find her reading travel guides, picking people’s brains about their recent travels, or practicing her photography skills around Washington, DC.  She originally hails from a small town in southwest Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Silver Spring, MD.

Kristie and her team look forward to helping you create a lasting legacy for the majestic wildlands you love.  Please email her to learn more.