‘Energy corridors’ clear a path to land development and away from a renewable energy future

The Bush administration squandered a massive opportunity and possibly set us years back when it issued its Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) today for energy corridors that will criss-cross our Western public lands carrying electricity, oil and gas. As outlined in the new plan, the corridors transportservice only fossil fuel sources such as coal, and leavinge renewable energy sources—like wind and solar—completely out of the picture. With new political leaders about to embark on a transformation of our energy economy, transmission lines to service these important, clean energy sources will be essential.

An equally disappointing aspect of the Final Programmatic EIS is the way in which it brings disruptive development into some of our nation’s most iconic wild areas.

New Mexico’s Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Arches National Park, and other protected areas throughout the West may soon have oil and natural gas pipelines and electric transmission lines that will slice through them or skirt their borders. You can view the maps on the agency Web site, or call our specialists at the BLM Action Center for details (hint: can't go wrong talking with Bobby Magill).