10 concrete actions for helping wilderness this Earth Day

Volunteers help wildlands during a clean-up day. 

McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development

How to help wilderness this Earth Day

We know that Earth Day isn’t the only day of the year to show our passion for wilderness. But it does provide one extra opportunity to highlight important opportunities for saving more wild places--and that's something we believe the father of Earth Day, our own Gaylord Nelson, would approve. Let your love for wilderness shine this Earth Day by taking at least one of these concrete actions for wilderness.

Which of these 10 things will you do on Earth Day?

1. Send a message to support new wilderness areas. More than two dozen wilderness bills could languish if Congress does not move them for a vote soon. Tell Congress to protect new wilderness areas in 2014

2. Sign up to volunteer on wildlands. Join a wilderness volunteers network or plan your next vacation around an outdoor volunteer adventure. Find opportunities with our partners Wilderness Volunteers

3. Plant seeds for future defenders. Our wildlands will need defenders in the future, but who will defend them when our nation's youth are disconnecting from nature at alarming rates? Kids with exposure to wildlands are typically most likely to care for them.  Do your part by taking a child into the Great Outdoors. Grab our hiking tips with kids or tips for family-friendly fun in the Great Outdoors.   

4. Switch to wind energy. You can help reduce the use of climate-change inducing fossil fuels by powering your home with renewable energy. 

5. Go Solar. Reduce your home's use of dirty fossil fuels by switching to solar energy. If you sign up with our partners Sungevity, you’ll get a $750 credit and they’ll donate $750 to The Wilderness Society. Learn more about Sungevity

6. Help create a new national monument. National monuments protect some of our most unique wild places. Right now, gorgeous lands in Idaho are awaiting such protections. Ask President Obama to protect the Boulder White Clouds as a new national monument

7. Send a letter to prevent an oil spill disaster in the Arctic. The Arctic Ocean is under threat from oil and gas development. Send a letter to save the Arctic Ocean from potential oil spill disasters. 

8. Donate to wilderness through Amazon Smile. When you shop online, you can help wildlands. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to the charity of your choice. Just go to Amazon Smile and log on with your usual Amazon.com credentials, then select The Wilderness Society as your charity.

The Wilderness Society

9. Sign up for WildAlerts. The deep environmental problems we face today require significant policy changes that individual acts can’t alone fix. When we stand together, we can get more done. Help us push policy makers into making good decisions for wilderness. Join our WildAlert network to receive alerts about ways to help.

10. Make a donation to support wilderness work. A gift to The Wilderness Society helps achieve lasting results for wilderness. Your gift supports our work on the ground to permanently protect wild places in states from Alaska to North Carolina. Give your gift for wilderness here