12 days of giveaways - Day 12

Guadalupe Mountains National Park Texas

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What gifts will the fossil fuel industry receive this year courtesy of the American Taxpayer? Find out in our ongoing 12 days of Giveaways holiday guide to the gifts we give to Big Oil, Big Gas, and King Coal.

On the twelfth day of fossil fuel giveaways we gave the oil, gas and coal industry...

The Industry Gives Back – to its allies in Congress - Cost: $8.8 million (2012 election cycle - so far...)

This is by far the lowest cost on the list – and it’s the only one that American taxpayers aren’t paying.

No, the $8.8 million is the amount of campaign donations that the fossil fuel industry gave in campaign donations in the 2010 election cycle.  So for just over $6 million, they are keeping tens of billions in tax breaks and giveaways.  That is more than $10,000 in return for every $1 they give to a candidate’s campaign.


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