12 days of giveaways - Day 6

Mount Baker in Washington


What gifts will the fossil fuel industry receive this year courtesy of the American Taxpayer? Find out in our ongoing 12 days of Giveaways holiday guide to the gifts we give to Big Oil, Big Gas, and King Coal.

On the sixth day of fossil fuel giveaways we gave the oil, gas and coal industry...

Domestic Manufacturing Deduction for Oil and Gas Production - Cost: $17.3 billion

This tax break was passed to help United States manufacturers produce and sell their products domestically, a very laudable goal. However, due to lobbying by Big Oil, oil companies were included in this tax break, even though they are not suffering economically similar to other domestic manufacturers.

The Domestic Manufacturing Deduction is important for many manufacturers, but it needs to EXCLUDE the oil and gas companies. They are certainly not suffering and do not need any more government handouts.

(Sources: House Natural Resources Committee and US Treasury)

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