12 days of giveaways - Day 7

Mount Baker Washington


What gifts will the fossil fuel industry receive this year courtesy of the American Taxpayer? Find out in our ongoing 12 days of Giveaways holiday guide to the gifts we give to Big Oil, Big Gas, and King Coal.

On the seventh day of fossil fuel giveaways we gave the oil, gas and coal industry...

Domestic Manufacturing Deduction for Coal and Other Hard Mineral Fossil Fuels - Cost: $57 million

Another abuse of a well-meaning law by the fossil fuel industry. Again, this deduction was not intended for the fossil fuel industry, which does not need government help to make a profit. This was for the struggling United States manufacturing sectors that need help. It’s time to return this deduction to its intended purpose and not use it as another giveaway to coal, oil and gas.

(Sources: House Natural Resources Committee and US Treasury)

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