5 ways to show appreciation for wilderness this Thanksgiving

Flikr creative commons: Bunches and Bits {Karina}

There's no question that the benefits that wilderness offers are plentiful, from the health and wellbeing of our families to that of our communities and economies.

This is why it makes good sense to express your gratitude this Thanksgiving by returning a favor or two. Here are some ideas on how you can demonstrate appreciation for the wilderness you love:

  1. Connect with wilderness through recreation. Whether its a simple hike, a trek on a mountain bike or an adventure on skis, be sure to spend part of your Thanksgiving holiday in a wild place that inspires you to feel awe. To find new ideas for places and adventures near you go to recreation.gov.

  2. Share special places with your friends and family. Do you have a coworker who is feeling fatigued or a child who needs to run off some steam outdoors? Why not give them a breath of fresh air by taking them to your favorite landscape this Thanksgiving - they are sure to be grateful that you did.

  3. Make a difference. If you want to take your appreciation a step further, consider volunteering or joining a friends group to support the wilderness you love. For more information, speak with a representative at your favorite wild land or search this directory for groups at National Parks. 

  4. Speak up for the quiet places. As lovers of wilderness, we must work to defend and protect the lands we love. With one of the worst congresses for wilderness in history, this Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to contact your elected officials and let them know that you support public lands.

  5. Join us. Become part of our WildAlert network to learn about how you can stay involved all year, or contribute to our work to help us protect the lands you love.