6 pro-wilderness cartoons from the 1960s

A cartoon from the now-defunct Washington Daily News (cartoonist unknown).

As we look to the 50th anniversary of The Wilderness Act, editorial cartoons from the 1960s show a pro-wilderness stance.

For decades, The Wilderness Society's magazine The Living Wilderness gave members and subscribers an inside look at efforts to conserve some of our country's most special wildlands, as well as travelogues, prose, photos, poems and art about the places themselves.

During the early 1960s, as conservationists fought for the passage of The Wilderness Act, the issue wasn't restricted to our magazine--it worked its way into the national discussion, and into the editorial cartoons that were then a key feature of almost every major newspaper. It was only natural that these succinct chunks of political commentary find their way back into The Living Wilderness, giving readers a look at what some of the nation's keenest creative minds had to say about  our signature issue.

Here are six cartoons, as printed in The Living Wilderness between 1960 and 1964.

Credit: F.O. Alexander (from The Sunday Bulletin of Philadelphia)

 Credit: Guernsey LePelley (from The Christian Science Monitor)

Credit: Herbert Block a.k.a. "Herblock" (from The Washington Post)

Credit: Herblock (from The Washington Post)

Credit: Paul Conrad (from The Denver Post)

Cartoonist unknown (from The Washington Daily News)