America’s Great Outdoors Campaign wraps up

Woman hiking Three Sisters in Oregon. Photo by Jeff L. Fox.

You are our role models. This summer we asked you to share you ideas about conservation and the places you love with the Obama administration and its Great Outdoors intiative. And boy, did you ever! Over the summer the Obama administration traveled across the United States learning about your success stories and conservation ideas during America’s Great Outdoors “listening sessions.” Tens of thousands of people — including you — shared ideas about protecting the places they love, either in person or on the Web.

The Obama administration will take what they heard and what they learned and develop recommendations to the President. The Wilderness Society, along with many other conservation groups and tens of thousands of individuals sent letters to the administration conveying our specific ideas and recommendations.

The Wilderness Society alone generated more than 50,000 letters asking President Obama to protect, connect and restore our public lands.

We asked the administration to:

  • Address Conservation at a Large Scale
  • Protect our wild areas
  • Improve Watersheds and Wildlife Habitat
  • Connect people with Nature
  • Provide Increased Access and Recreational Opportunities, and
  • Fully Fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund

We will continue to press the administration to ensure that protecting our shared public lands is a principal component of America’s Great Outdoors. We thank you for providing us and the administration with so many examples of success and enthusiasm. We, like you, look forward to working with the administration to make America's Great Outdoors a bold and visionary conservation strategy for the 21st Century. 

photo: Woman hiking Three Sisters in Oregon. Photo by Jeff L. Fox.