Book Highlights Unique Beauty of Threatened Landscape

Otero Mesa: Preserving America's Wildest Grassland Book Cover

From startlingly beautiful close-ups of feathergrass and prickly pear to oil storage tanks leaking black puddles that grotesquely mirror the open sky, the images in Otero Mesa: Preserving America’s Wildest Grassland match the bone-hard and evocative narrative of this endangered landscape. Recently published by the University of New Mexico Press, the book pairs text by prizewinning nature writer Gregory McNamee, with exquisite photography by Stephen Strom and Stephen Capra.

In chapters combining natural history with the human imprint on the land, Otero Mesa captures both the egregious power-brokering of energy interests and the fragile endurance of this unique region caught in the crosshairs of an oil-hungry nation.